One Heart, One Stitch.
Our Stitches Connect the Future.
Sewing is not a skill acquired overnight. At MARUCHO factories, veteran artisans pass their skills on to younger workers, who inherit mindful sewing techniques.
In addition to refining traditional skills, we are proactively investing in plant and equipment to advance our SMART FACTORY initiative, aiming to increase productivity without sacrificing quality.
We employ our own pattern makers, and are focusing on enhancing pattern-making technology. Various seminars are organized to encourage mastery of tailoring skills. Our workers are eager to acquire new skills to ensure customer satisfaction, including hand-sewing and forming-press skills, armhole fitting techniques and other specialized processes.


Overseas case
Overseas case

Overseas case
Overseas case

Examples of State-of-the-Art Equipment

CAM automatic cutting machine; projector-equipped CAM

Lay-up type (non-tension) fabric stretching machine

Direct drive high-speed single needle stitching sewing system with automatic thread-cutting

Programmable sewing machine to make adjustable-amount gathers

Four needle coverlock stitching sewing machine (with right and left adjustment mechanism)

Accurate tape tension controller

Jacket collar finisher with microcomputer

Three-dimensional form finisher

High-speed single-thread chainstitch button neck-wrapping machine

Proprietary Equipment

Original sewing technique that sublimates seam allowances into the design by eliminating the concept of allowances

Unique covering method makes it possible to minimize appearance of seams and seam allowances

With seam allowance overlap 2mm less than previous units, this proprietary multi-needle flat-seaming machine makes it possible to focus on fabric texture

Proprietary multi-needle sewing machine that conceals cut edge of fabric characteristically created by flat-seaming machines

and many others.