Established in 1954, MARUCHO has developed as an apparel OEM and production company for high-end menswear. Advanced sewing technology refined by skilled workers results in quality that has been acclaimed by numerous leading brands. Producing custom quality garments, each of our five factories specializes in specific items: T-shirts, shirts, jackets, pants, and coats. This MARUCHO-WORKS network makes it possible to share techniques and information, contributing to our goal of consistently high-quality, sustainable manufacturing.
In cooperation with local areas, we continue to invest in plant and equipment as we seek to convey the quality of Japanese garment manufacturing to the world. Taking pride in our “Made in Japan” designation, we aim to bring the spirit of manufacturing into the future as we develop apace with our local communities.

Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, President and CEO, MARUCHO Inc.

Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, President and CEO, MARUCHO Inc.
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, President and CEO, MARUCHO Inc.

MARUCHO Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Slogan
Bringing Japanese Garment Making to the World.

MARUCHO respects the traditions of “Made in Japan” sewing technology, creating superlative garments that enrich local communities and delight people, aiming to bring Japanese garment manufacturing to the future, to the world.

MARUCHO Code of Conduct

Look to the future
Remember the importance of careful preparation.

Mindfully, conscientiously
Perform every task with thoughtful attention.

Consideration for others
Be conscious of others’ feelings and act with others in mind.

Always accept a challenge
Approach every problem with determination and see it through to the end.